Sunday, March 5, 2017

Our March Meeting 2017

Pre-Meeting Chatter

The Scrap Table

The scrap table was laden with some unusual and gorgeous textiles this month courtesy of Woods Bagot, who donated fabrics from their materials library.  Thanks to Cynthia C and Eva LB for visiting their office and selecting the fabrics for us.

Ladore Summer Retreat: 9-11 June 2017
Lisa gave us application forms for our Ladore Summer Retreat, Ladore Conference Center, Waymart, PA.  Single $275/Double $175, non-refundable $50 deposit and balance by 30 April.  If you missed the meeting, drop Lisa an email to have her send you the form.

Mariandale Report
Sue gave us a report on the Mariandale Retreat, held in January.  Feedback has been very positive and we'll be looking into going back again next year.

Treasurer's Report
Greer amused us all with her regular Treasurer's Report.
Also, we now have Square so you can pay for anything Guild related (fees, retreats, etc) at our meetings using your credit/debit cards.

Jody S announced that the Lucky Bee has decided to disband after the March block rotation.

Maria G is considering setting up a new Bee that will create charity blocks.  If you're interested in finding out more send her an email.

As the Bees are coming to the end of their rotations and a couple of our Hives have closed, members of ALL Bees, current and disbanded should return completed blocks to the appropriate Queen/King Bee.  If you can't make your blocks please return the package of fabrics instead of the block.  

You can read more about our Bees and Bee Etiquette here.

Board Nominations
Time to start thinking about Board nominations for the positions of President and Secretary.  Nominations will be announced at our May meeting and elections will be held at our June meeting.

The Quilt + Sewing Fest of NJ, Somerset, 2-5 March 2017
Cynthia C thanked Caroline P and Chris D for helping her hang the show.  Chris has posted photos of our Special Exhibit here on the blog

MQX Quilt Festival - 5-8 April 2017
Emily N is looking to organise a festival meet-up for any guild members attending, drop her an email if you're heading to Manchester.

Empire Quilters Guild Show - 1-2 April 2017
Aleeda C shared details of the show with us, it starts at 10 am so it's possible to head along to FIT before our own meeting!  Tickets are available online.

Coat of Arms
Jean R and Alyson R are hanging on to the Coat of Arms for another month and will hand it over to Cynthia C in April so she can take a turn with the CoA before the end of her presidency.  You can read more adventures of our Coat of Arms by clicking this link.

Round Robin #1

Lisa M handed over this Round Robin quilt to Deborah B who will create the next 'addition'.  Deborah B will then pass the top to Earamichia B for a final addition/quilting/binding as required.

Block Lotto
Looks like we all got carried away making this month's block lotto, the Scrap Buster Block

and the lucky winner is, Jody S.

Margaret C has made up some sample blocks for our April Block Lotto - she says it's an even better scrap buster than the last block. Instructions are here on the blog.

Door Prizes
More fabulous door prizes donated to our meeting today:

Thanks to our wonderful donors:
Hayden @Timeless Treasures; Jody S; Anita GS @Making It Simpler; Sue E; Ellen F; Caroline P; Jessica P.

Charity Quilts
Eva LB gave us a Community/Charity Committee project report.

Gent's Block Quilt
The Man Block Quilt is bound and finished, thanks to Christine E.

Kid's Quilts
We can't believe the response in making Kid's Blocks, another pile were donated at the meeting

Maureen W has sewn up 31 blocks, and that's amazing!!!

We're making 10 Kid's Quilts for Heartshare St Vincent's Services and Theresa M reports that we now have enough blocks to meet our target.

 Several quilts are already completed.  Theresa and Eva are looking for volunteers to turn quilt tops into finished quilts by our June meeting when our next Quilts For Kids project starts. 

Garden Strips Blocks
Lots more Garden Strips Blocks came in at the meeting.  Block instructions are here if you fancy making some!

Fave Things About QuiltCon 2017
Members who attended QuiltCon last week in Savannah took a front seat to each share a fave thing about their experience:

Nick Cave - soundsuits
seeing Savannah - exploring
lectures and meeting online friends
unbelievable 'best of show' quilt
mini quilt swap
energy that you don't get at other shows
age range - any age
international people spotting
Deborah Fisher pincushions
fun, exciting and exhausting
up close and personal to so many beautiful quilts

Show + Tell
Anita GS

Jean + Alyson R

Jean R - showing the mini-quilt she received in the QuiltCon swap,

Naomi W - has been dying her own yellow fabric using turmeric.

Susan CW

Nancy D

Diana C

You know how we love it when visitors share their quilts?
Today we were delighted to have Kim Soper @Leland Ave Studios with us showing her View of the City from the Suburbs at Night quilt.  Kim won Improvisation 1st place and Voter's Choice at QuiltCon 2017 for her Lincoln quilt. 

Kim is President of the Long Island MQG and invited us to visit their meetings too. 

Grace J

Ivete T - showing the mini-quilt she received in the QuiltCon swap.

Margaret C

Lori B

Ellen F

Ellen shared her tip for machine quilting - wear Swingline Rubber Finger Tips instead of quilting gloves.  Ellen's had them for years and wasn't sure if they're still available, I've checked and they are - you'll find them at Target and on Amazon and other places too.

Tina M

Maria G

Jessica P

Kim H

Cynthia C

Earamichia B

Caroline P - sharing her QuiltCon class makes

See You All In April 🐇
Hopefully, the weather will be warmer in April.  Just in case the heating still isn't up to scratch at Hartley House, bring something super warm to wear again!!!


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