Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Quilt & Sewing Fest Of New Jersey 2017

This weekend, 2-5 March, is the annual Mancuso Quilt & Sewing Fest of New Jersey in Somerset
and our NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild is proud, for the first time, to be a special exhibit at the show.

Yesterday, Cynthia, Caroline and I headed over to the Garden State Exhibit Center to hang our Guild quilts and set up the exhibit, and I took lots of pics to share with you.

When we saw our allocated exhibit space, it made sense to divide the quilts into 4 sections: 
Entrance; Muted; Brights; and Group.


We R 4 Women
Jean Ruvel, Diana Cherryholmes, Alyson Ruvel, Laura Yellen Catlan


Grand Central Terminal, 2013 
by Emily Nieder 
35" x 30"

My Medallion, 2016
Machine Pieced and Hand Bound by Nellie Wu @mama.peaches.ny
Machine Quilted by Rachael Dorr
57" x 57"

Yuma, 2017
by Eva Le Blanc
60" x 60"


The Colour Drop Quilt, 2017
Pieced + Quilted by Chris Dodsley @madebyChrissieD
Hand Printed Fabrics by Melanie Testa
48" x 55-1/2"

Ugly Quilt #1, 2017
Pieced by Guild Members
Machine Quilted by Rachael Dorr
69" x 83"

I See Stars, 2016
by Christine Economos
76" x 76"

Straighten Up and Fly Right, 2012
Machine Pieced + Quilted by Lisa Mason @theredheadedmermaid
58" x 58"


Lime and Gray, 2015, Group Quilt
Pieced by Guild Members
Quilted by Rachael Dorr
50" x 80"

Sketch Triangles, Group Quilt Challenge set by Timeless Treasures Fabrics, 2013
Blocks by Guild Members
Pieced by Kin Hryniewicz
Machine Quilted by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
53" x 63"

Summer 2016 Paint Chip Challenge Mini Quilts
Left to Right
Top Row: Chris Dodsley, Margaret Cibulsky, Sue Cummings-Walder
Middle Row: Nancy Dougherty, Caroline Pomietlarz-Yamasaki, Cynthia Clark, Sue Erdreich
Bottom Row: Naomi Mankowitz, Jean Ruvel, Theresa Moran, Alyson Ruvel

And this is how things looked when we left.  
We hope you're as pleased with it as we are 😍.

We know some of you are heading over to see the show for yourselves 
and, hopefully, the pics will help those of you who can't get there feel like you've experienced it too!

If you do get to the show, our very own Susan Sato @Easy Piecing is vending, 
and one of our regular meeting vendors, Usha Berlin @Handloom Batiks, is there too.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Now I don't feel so bad about missing the show����
    Emily K

  2. Thanks so much to you both, Chris and Caroline. It was a blast hanging the show with you and we did well! And love how you've presented us here, Chris. Can't wait to see the show in person on Sunday!

  3. Wow - thanks for all the hard work! It looks great!

  4. Fabulous ladies! You did a great job. Thanks for the photos. oxox

  5. Wonderful! Thank you so much for posting. Now I don't feel so bad for missing out on a visit to the show. So proud of all the exhibiting members!

  6. Wow, you ladies did a wonderful job hanging the exhibit!! I will be missing the show, so thank you for capturing the essence with photos for those of us who can't make it. So cool to see a Metro Mod exhibit!! Go mods! I am inspired...Thank you all!!

  7. What a great exhibit! So happy to see the pix, since I am in FLorida until mid-April. Thanks for sharing!


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