Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March Block Lotto

Let's Celebrate Flowers!

To Make One Block You Need:

One 6" square of fussy cut "painterly" flower fabric (any colors)
Four 2 1/2" squares (same fabric)
Four  6"  x  1 1/2" white, white-on-white, or  off-white strips 

Step One:
Sew two of the white strips to the square on opposite sides.  Press
so that these white strips remain flat on the back.

Step Two:
Then sew the remaining two strips to the square on the other opposite sides.
Trim off the extra  1/2" of fabric you've lost doing Step One. 
Press the last two strips away from the center.

Step Three:

Draw a diagonal line on a smaller squares and crease.

Align that diagonal crease as in the above photo.  (When you sew on the line
you drew, ideally you want to just touch that corner of the 6" square.)  Open the square, 
pin, and sew on the diagonal. Press closed toward the corner.

Repeat for the remaining corners.

Step Four:
Trim the extra fabric from the corners and press.

The block measures 8" square.

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