Saturday, December 8, 2018

December 2018 Meeting Recap

So Much Packed into One Meeting!

We had another "icebreaker" to welcome all of the new members and guests.

A great raffle table including goodies from Martelli and Oh Sew Sally!

The scrap table is overflowing!


Oh Sew Sally
Roberta Leonard brought lots of pretty fabric and patterns to sell.

Martelli Enterprises
Joallyn Cartwright gave a demonstration of their unique quilting tools and supplies.

Block Lotto
All of the lovely blocks were won by Maureen H.

Charity Sewing
Theresa got us started on a new project.
(See post here)

Jacqui made 20 baby quilts for The Audrey Hepburn Children's House at HackensackUMC!

"Game Board" Quilts
For our summer challenge, members created quilts inspired by board and card games.

Chris' "Dead Man's Hand"

Jody's "Sudoku"

Jean's "Candyland"

Andrea's "Clue"

Deborah's "Twister"

Maria's "Simon"

Margaret's "Parchesi"

"White Elephant" swap
We had fun opening, trying to keep, and sometimes stealing each other's gifts!

Show and Tell

Cynthia made this quilt for her grandniece based on watercolor drawings

 Maureen H. made this Tula top as her 2018 version

 Chris made this for her grandniece with a panel she bought in Sonoma

 Ellen Y. made this king sized quilt with hedgehog fabric

 Maria made this One Block Wonder quilt for her mom

 Barbara was inspired by a Luke Haynes workshop for this quilt...

 ...and a Nancy Crow workshop for these blocks
Jody's quilt was part of a "ruby" fabric challenge

 Margaret hand quilted this scrappy quilt

 Marie's "Modern Christmas Tree" quilt

 Claire's quilt is an improv scrap challenge

 Ali made her quilt from an Angela Waters class on Craftsy 

 Eva was inspired by a trip to Japan for this quilt

 Diane hand quilted her quilt

 Jacqui made this flannel quilt for her husband

  Michele made these art pieces by hand stitching "found" objects and fabrics

 Emily N. made this "by Annie" lunch bag  

 Lisa V. finished quilting her Levi quilt 

 Ivete made a statement with her quilt

 Hayden and Jorge showed off their wedding gift made by members of the Guild  

  Tina made this quilt for her nephew with the symbol of Manchester, England...
 ...and this one for her sister with fabric from the scrap table

 Anthony made this wall hanging for his mom...

 ...and this one for which she picked the fabric 

 Caroline made this for her brother and his wife to be used on a boat

 Nelson finished a quilt he started 2 years ago

No regular meeting in January...see you at the Retreat!

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