Saturday, October 2, 2010


  At our meeting in the spring, those of us who wanted to participate in as crap bag swap brought back our creations.  We were to make something completely out of the scraps that we were given.  Sometimes this can be very challenging, but it can also be a great deal of fun, to get your self to try fabrics, and colors that you wouldn't normally do.

I'm so impressed with what everyone did with their scraps...  Janet, above, had my scrap bag. (Victoria) She unfolded it, and as she did, not realizing they were my scraps, I said, "Geez that would look good in my house!" She said, "it should they are your scraps!"   She's hand quilting it, and it looks fabulous.
 Margaret (on the right) had Jessica's Scrap bag.  She made an apron to give back to Jessica, and then had extras to make a gift for a friend.  I think Jessica was really touched and pleasantly surprised how well her scraps looked, as she commented "She hated those scraps before,  Now they are BEAUTIFUL!" Nice job Margaret!

Jessica had Janet's scrap bag.  She saw a project made on my 15minutesplay blog , and thought the scraps would work perfectly for them.  We all agreed, and tried to beg her to give it to each and everyone of us... She did hand it off to Andrea who is going to add a border around it, and I took dibs to do around after Andrea... So stay tuned, we may see this quilt again.
And lastly, I had Ellen's Scraps.  I was firstly impressed with a Blue wax print  fabric that was in her bag along with tones of pale yellows... and one itty bitty piece of red to play with. Some slicing and dicing, a bit of applique and curved piecing, and you have this.  I had practiced my free motion feathers on it earlier this week, and wasn't happy with them, so I ripped them all out, and late last night finished the quilting in a way I like much better, and now I just love it.

I love that Jessica thought to round robin her piece...  
I'm thinking we might need to give that idea some more contemplation...
and try it again as a group.

Love your thoughts! Please comment!

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