Wednesday, January 12, 2011

When is Fabric too Good to Use...

Hello everyone.  Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful weather the Northeast is having.  I have a question.  When is Fabric too Good to Use?  I ask this because as I was just responding to a post on V's sight , I realized that I too was looking forward to a shipment of fabric that I purchased online.  Except, my expectation was for a totally different reason.  I did not have any plans for it, and am therefore extremely comfortable/okay with using it for random play. 

What do you mean Encyclopedia, you all ask.  Well, see the pic above.  That fabric is secreted away in its own bag in a special place because I love it sooo much, and purchased it for a mariners quilt that I plan to do, one day...soon I hope..  Instead of just using it, since I don't know when the Mariners quilt will get started, i go off and find other fabric that I don't really care about.  Preferably sale fabric because it is justifiable in my mind to be used for unstructured play.

I have sooo much fabric that I purchased from various shops that did not have a purpose, but because it was the "Good Stuff" I am not playing with it.  Now, as I am writing this, I realize that it is just fabric and I should not have any attachments to random lengths (yards, 1/2 yards, quarter yards, etc)...

Isn't the whole point of this is to enjoy and create with wonderful tools.  So why do I feel this unnecessary attachment and as such am not making use of a wonderful fabric stash...I simply don't know.

My question to you all...Is it just me? How do I break this spell?


  1. You are to funny girlie! Cu tit up! there's always more! That's the fun part! buying more! haha... You've seen my stash.... Know that it can become that nightmare! I wish I could STOP buying, and stop saving every little bit... I have more bins of scraps then I do yardage i's just there are so many KING size quilts that need to be made from all those itty bitty pieces... hahahaha!

  2. "Cu tit up?"
    sheesh, Let's keep this clean, Victoria...

  3. I've been purging fabric for the last few years, partly out of necessity, partly out of changing taste. I keep coming across "good" fabric that I was "saving" for something special. But guess what?! It's still here, untouched!! So it's time to cut into the good stuff, because you can get caught up in the future project/perfection mode and spend all your precious work time using fabric you don't really like!!!
    There is also the danger that fabric that get you revved up now might not be as appealing in 5 or 10 years, especially as new ones come along. Take advantage of that enthusiasm now! Wouldn't it be sad to have let a great fabric sit on the shelf so long that you no longer even care about it?!?

  4. I like to echo Janet's comment...use it while you love it. I have too many pieces of fabric in my stash that I just don't *love* any more. You'll enjoy your projects and the process even more that way.

    BTW had to smile that you called your fabric the "good stuff" I've just written a post about the link between fabric and stuff :o) Have a look.

  5. Ditto, just a spell . . . as soon as you start, the spell will be broken . .. one trick is to put in the washing machine as soon as you get home, once it's wrinkled, it won't have anything over you . . . happy cutting!

  6. Love the comments people...Now i know someone out there feels the same...smiles...I was that way with my yarn...i have gone through the good stuff and its to good to even toss that miniature scrap..( It is true...and Chris...I tried the washing before i put it away..and guess what it made it worse, because now i invested time to ensure that it was ready for that project...ha.

    Purchasing is not a problem...smiles.. However, as with my yarn, yes the good stuff can be not so good years with that said...I will jump into my GOOD STUFF with wild abandon...because Janet as you said..Why waste time working with stuff you don't like as much...I LIKE THAT...Now let me at my china cabinet...and sheshe glasses...smiles..


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