Friday, February 11, 2011

demystifying jessica's process

First, I sit down at the computer and think, "I really should go sew something, but just let me check the blogs first."
Next, an idea for how to quilt the blue & orange quilt strikes, so I draw it out. 
 Toddler in lap protests. 
Put him for a nap, head to sewing room-- Spend an hour on a completely unrelated project.
Face up to the fact that I must piece backing before I can quilt blue & orange.  Set about laying out possible backing options.

Stop to jot down witty blog post.  Dread having to press all that fabric, but start anyway..

And the questions:

What you love most about how this is coming together?
I'm still really feeling this color combo and the brightness of the fabrics.  I love that the yellow Marimekko leaf print has finally found a home..  I've been carrying it around since 1997 when i got it from the remnant bin at the Crate & Barrel outlet in Kittery, ME.  I'm also happy that I decided on a quilt pattern. (btw, the hand print will not be part of the quilt design, G just asks me to do one whenever i'm holding a pen..)

What is most challenging about this project?
Ironing?  No, the back is going together pretty easily.  At the moment I'm disappointed about having to stop piecing it so I can make the label, which I want to piece into the back itself (random pieces of yellow & orange on the blue in the top right of bottom pic).   that's a project in itself.


  1. hahahah! I think we can all relate to this... those darn distractions! ;-) and yet we get quilts made... amazing right? Ironing the big stuff it annoying...

  2. I still can't believe you did the top in a night. Amazing. Cutest distraction ever. The quilting pattern looks fairly intricate. Can't wait to see how its going to turn out. I'm off to deal with my distraction. A 22 pound ball of fur who has claimed my desk as her afternoon nap space!

  3. So..... am i missing something? Why do you have to piece the back first??

  4. I have to piece the back before I can sandwich and quilt it. just a small detail really..


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