Saturday, February 12, 2011

Okay, talking process here - part 2

I am almost finished piecing this top together.
I have just LOVED this process.
It is like a big puzzle and I found that there is a great strategy to proceeding with the piecing.
First, I realized that the "Y," or pivoting seams as Victoria suggested, were just too
stressful for me. I couldn't keep the fabrics lined up correctly and I was getting puckers.
I started using partial seaming instead and that worked beautifully.
The partial seaming became like a game of chess. "If I sew this seam halfway here and that other seam halfway there, I can get a full seam over here."
I haven't had any puckers since. I have had to add in strips of fabric here and there where I thought things would meet up and they haven't, but it just adds to a scrappier, (if that's possible) look.

This top has been really fun to work on and I can't wait to do another.
I guess that means I need to make about 15 more quilts so that I can have a whole new set of orphan blocks!
What a shame! ;)


  1. which ever way works for you! looks great! they are so addicting to make... i figure for one a year... so many great blocks in here!

  2. or we can just send you OUR orphan blocks...

  3. Oh yes please! I would love to get your orphan blocks!

  4. This quilt top makes me smile!

  5. really LOVE this top! What a great explosion of colors, designs, memories of quilts gone by......
    Thanks for including us in the process!


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