Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let's get talking: Week 2

Great job discussing our process folks!
We saw some really awesome quilts in the past week and got a bit of insight into how some quilters figure things out.
For this week's conversation topic, let's talk about where you sew.  Kitchen table, family room couch, sewing studio?  Grab your camera, we want to see it!  So write a post giving a description of your workspace and tell us:
  1. What do you love most about it?
  2. What do you need/want to change?
And don't worry about cleaning, sorting, or dusting before you take those photos!  We want to see what it really looks like.  (of course, if the need for a photo shoot gives you motivation to organize the space which in turn makes you a more productive quilter this week, then go for it!)

Show your workspace!  You've got til midnight next Saturday.   8 guild members participated in the last topic, let's see if we can't get more than 10 for this week...

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