Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dawn aka Mum

My mum sew, knit, quilt, ha...not at all. But she loooves the fact that I do. My Mother has fostered my creative outlet from the time I was a baby, via art, music, and food.  She writes, is a videographer and an incredible cook. So yes artistic/creative... But sewer/quilter she is not.

I have not made her a quilt as yet. I have knit her any number of items, clothing, quilted bags, and a childhood worth of handmade cards and gifts. She even has and still hangs the Christmas ornaments I made while growing up....this is her rocking her Afro (that always fell at the top because her hair was too soft), Me on the knee with a baby fro.., with her brother/my uncle. Circa August 1972...

I love you Mum...

and God bless all of you mothers, sisters, givers of love and life....may you all continue to be blessed.
Happy Mother's day from E to all of you in the blog world. Hugs and smooches.

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