Sunday, June 26, 2011

June Bee Block for Kimberly

Zippers and Rick Rack ends up on some prairie points...Kimberly, I Hope you like it...Boy what a challenge...I was a bit intimidated by the zipper, and then even more in awe at all that came to mind.  Then, I breathed and let the fabric be still...and then everytime i came back to it, I was seeing a flower bloom...and I thought about the prairie...and open fields...and lovely butterflies.  Now, prior to this challenge/bee block request, I did not know what a prairie point was, nor did I have the faintest idea how to make them...

Thanks to the lovely internet, I discovered two types of prairie points, and chose the ones that nestled within each other.  and Voila... 

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  1. Love the zipper! I've never tried prairie points...they look great!


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