Monday, October 22, 2012

Lucky 13 Bee blocks catch up

Finally getting caught up on all my bee blocks. Heading off to you in the mail, here they are!

For Naomi (August), the leaf fabric you sent us was so wonderful that it reminded me of my trips to Vermont during this time of year. I'm calling this one the "disappearing maple leaf" because it just blends in nicely with the background fabric, just like a whole forest of maple trees in Vermont.

(this photo was taken pre-trimming)

For Greer (Sept.): this block was much harder than it initially looked, but I finally got it to the right size. I really love these colors together and I can't wait to see the finished quilt. 

For Tina (Oct.): these were so easy to make, I could have kept going! Love love love the color choices- so vibrant and not something I would be brave enough to choose for myself. 
(the photo does not do these colors justice)

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