Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fast Blocks

We've been hit with ice, snow, and bitterly cold temperatures.  There was no mail delivery yesterday (I guess the mail lady couldn't get her delivery truck to start), but I got Chris's fabric in the mail today.  Within about an hour or so, I had the blocks cut, sewn, pressed, and ready to mail.

There are so many possibilities of what to do with these blocks.  The hardest part was NOT trimming.


  1. Wow Kimberly, sewn up already! I'm really pleased it was a quick make as I didn't want to give everyone in the Bee too much to do over this holiday period. Can't wait to see how the rest turn out, I'm so excited now to make the quilt up :D

  2. looks great... and quite interesting. Would love to know what you actually got as instructions etc. Was the fabric cut? Is this your design? Did everyone get (or make) triangles?

    1. Hi Jody, it's my month as Queen Bee so I sent everyone 5 x 10" squares of fabric and a link to my blog post here that includes instructions on how to make the blocks. :D


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