Saturday, January 3, 2015

Lucky Bee blocks for Jennifer and Jody, and Rachael's group quilt block

In anticipation of turning my full focus to a new quilt-on-a-deadline in a week or so, I've finished Jennifer's bee block for December, Jody's bee block for January, and the block for Rachael's group quilt.

First, Jennifer's block - half square triangles of our choice with fabric she provided.

And Jody asked for two striped blocks (one 12-1/2" square and one 6-1/2" x 12-1/2"), incorporating a couple of scraps she sent.  For the larger block, I was inspired by the bright orange fabric she sent (second from the left on the large block). I just went with some of my favorite fabric scraps for the smaller block.

I love Rachael's idea of making the neon strips follow from block to block.


  1. well, haven't you been the little worker bee! Love all your blocks (mine, of course... and Jennifer's and Rachel's) I've been working, too, but haven't gotten to posting. Happy New Year

  2. Wow! So pretty! Thanks sooo much!

  3. I love seeing how each person interprets the requests & always love seeing
    how they all come together!


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