Friday, May 11, 2018

May Meeting Recap

Filling our Board and Committee Positions

We have several Board positions coming up for a vote in June, and Committee positions that need to be filled. So far we have:

Membership: Chris E.
Vice President: Deborah B.
Treasurer: Open

Programs: Jean R., Alyson R., Diana C.
Charity: Open
Block Lotto / Summer Challenge: Open

If you'd like to volunteer to help this Guild thrive, please let us know before the June meeting. Committees can be multiple people...grab you friends!

Past VP Hayden L. showed off her quilty dress!

The scrap table is overflowing!

Goodies on the raffle table

 Striped Block Lotto Entries
They were won by Jody S.

Coat of Arms
Tina M. added a patch from her grammar school that she picked up while wearing the coat at home in England!

The coat went home with Jacqui H.C.

  • The Spring Retreat at Ladore is full!
  • The Brooklyn Quilt Guild is having a Chawne Kimber Trunk Show on Saturday, May 19th in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The fee is $5.00.
  • We will have another mini-retreat on Saturday, August 18th at Maria's building. This is not a regular Guild event, so attendees will have to chip in for the space.
  • The Spring 2019 Retreat will take place at a new venue, and Ellen F. will be the Chairperson. Details to follow.

Round Robin Quilts
Tina M. passed on these 2 centers to the next members who will add more rounds.

Room to Grow Quilts
So many wonderful charity quilts!

Nancy  D.

Jean R.

Tina M.

 Jacqui H.C.

Marie C.

Gotham Quilts

Member of the Month Trunk Show
Maureen W. shared her quilting journey with us.
From her first quilt which was tied... her more modern work of today

Show and Tell

Diana C. made this quilt from a Carolyn Friedlander pattern.

Nancy D. made this quilt from a Deborah Fisher pattern.

Chris E. used the Block Lotto blocks she won to make this quilt.

Meeting guest Irene S. made this art quilt in a Rosalie Dace workshop.

Deborah B. Showed off her "Bionic Gear Bag".

Naomi M. Has been experimenting with "Boro" style stitching.

Amanda F. just started sewing again this year!

Emily N. used a pattern from Craftsy with a novel tube sewing method.

Caroline P-Y. finished her 100 Modern Blocks quilt.

See you all in June for Board Elections!


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