Saturday, June 11, 2022

June 2022 Meeting Recap

Our June meeting was a welcome opportunity for guild members to get together before the summer break.

We started the meeting with a fun ice-breaker activity followed by some announcements...

Charity Quilts

Quilts will be collected at our next guild meeting in October, or you can contact the organizers to make your own arrangements...

Theresa Moran is collecting quilts for 'Our Little Roses' in Honduras.

Maureen Wirth is collecting quilts for 'Room to Grow' in NYC.

Chris Economos is collecting quilts for victims of the war in Ukraine.

New Board Member Appointments

A vote was held to confirm the following board appointments:

President - Maren Berthelson 

Vice President - Bruce Goldstone

Treasurer - Maureen Hyslop 

Secretary - Eva Le Blanc

Membership Chair - Lisa Vosper

Maren spoke on behalf of the whole guild when she said a huge thank you to Deborah Bingham, Chris Economos and Maureen Hyslop for their tireless work to keep the guild going during the pandemic. Maren presented Deborah and Chris with the guild's traditional 'thank you' gift: a stack of quilt blocks made by guild members. 

Block Lotto

Diana was the lucky winner of this month's block lotto. Congratulations, Diana!

Round Robin Quilt Raffle

Jean Ruvel was the lucky winner of the round robin quilt raffle. Congratulations, Jean!

Show and Tell

Rona kicked off the Show and Tell session with a Gee's Bend-inspired improv quilt made from leftover scraps of Peppered Cotton.

Nina gave a heartfelt speech about her friend Maggi Gordon who died of cancer in June 2021. Maggi was an avid quiltmaker, collector and author - she co-authored the book for the 'Infinite Variety' exhibit. Nina was recently invited to give a speech in remembrance of Maggi at the American Folk Art Museum. Maggi donated a Gee's Bend quilt to AFAM, which can currently be seen on display in their 'Multitudes' exhibit.

Marie Cloutier showed this scrap quilt top made from crumb fabric.

Amy showed a 'Prism' quilt that she made with Liberty fabrics and a 'Kinship' quilt that she made during a Gnome Angel quiltalong. Both quilts were longarmed by Shanie Veenendaal.

Chris used Pellon 'wonder-under' to restore a delicate silk and wool scarf that came from Maren's mother-in-law.

Cynthia showed two mini quilts that were inspired by Heidi Parkes' 'framed quilt in a day' workshop.

Jody showed a black and white quilt and a colorful polka-dot quilt top, both of which were made during guild retreats at Mariandale. 

Bruce showed an improv quilt that he made at the last guild retreat using fabric sourced from the sharing table. The quilt is made in the colors of the Ukrainian flag and Bruce is donating it to victims of the war in Ukraine.

To mark her daughter's high school graduation, Maren is making commemorative quilts for her daughter and her friends. Maren showed us one of the quilt tops with blocks made by a group of friends and family members.

Nanette made this Gee's Bend-inspired quilt, which she quilted by hand.

Sharon showed this graphic 'piano keys' quilt top.

That's it for our June meeting. We hope everyone has a wonderful summer and we're looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting in October!

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