Sunday, October 2, 2022

The Art Of The Reveal

In the summer of 2022, a group of NYC Metro Modern Quilters Guild members exhibited their work at the Hudson Guild Gallery in NYC.

The group show, titled 'The Art Of The Reveal', featured quilts made by guild members during a workshop led by artist and curator William Daniels. The exhibition showcased the talent and creativity of the group as well as the versatility of quilting as an art medium.

The show was a great success and it was a thrill to see such beautiful and thought provoking quilts on display in a public setting. We hope to see many more works by guild members in future shows!

Curator: William Daniels

Exhibitors: Amy Abrie, Dawn Ford Arno, Maren Berthelson, Carl Anthony Bowman, Diana Cherryholmes, Cynthia B. Clark, Barbara Danzi, Christine Economos, Bruce Goldstone, Christine Janove, Debora Kellogg, Lorraine Lucas, Naomi Mankowitz, Lisa Vosper

'A Moment In Time On Dean Street' by Cynthia Clark

'Chaos 01, 2022' by Lisa Vosper

'Not Seen & Not Heard' by Dawn Arno

'2020' by Amy Abrie

'Communities Of Pride: NYC' by Anthony Bowman

'Winter' by Christine Janove

'Slab 1' by Bruce Goldstone

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