Thursday, August 4, 2011

August Challenge!

So, at the last Patchwork in the Park outing I revealed my theme to a few folks and they didn’t think it was too strange, so I’m going to do it.

August is the perfect month for me to be the “queen” bee because it is my birthday month!!  But I noticed that I have very few quilts in my life that mark time or a specific year in my life. So as I think about turning 41 (on August 3rd!) I would like this quilt to mark time for me.  I want to look back at this quilt and say this craziness all happened when I was 41.  
So that is your theme—the number 41. Pure and simple.
  • There are NO color restrictions
  • There is NO specified block size
  • The block DOES NOT have to represent 41 in a literal way (it can, but it doesn’t have to)
  • When you send the block, include a note that tells the connection to 41

I’m not planning on sending out fabric.  I’d love it if this came from your stash.  But I’m more than happy to send some fabric out to those who do not keep a stockpile. Please send me an email at if you need some fabric.
IMPORTANT:  I am going to be out of town for most of August so Earamichia has graciously agreed to hold the blocks for me.  Please send the blocks to HER.

Thanks!  Can’t wait!

(Posted for David)

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