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Our June Meeting 2017

Pre-Meeting Chatter

The Scrap Table


Cynthia thanked everyone for helping out this year and there was a round of applause for all members.  As it was the last meeting of the Guild year, members brought along a selection of savoury and sweet snacks that were devoured during the meeting.

Guest Speaker
Meg Cox - Secrets from QuiltRepeneurs

"There is nothing wrong with keeping quilting as a passionate hobby, but if you think you might like to make some money at the craft, then Meg has a lot to share with you."

What an inspirational and informative talk Meg gave sharing the stories of the following business entrepreneurs, the majority of which she has personally interviewed:

As a Guild, we'd like to thank Meg for attending our meeting and sharing her insight into successful members of the quilting business.

If you'd like to keep up-to-date with news from Meg, you can sign up here for her newsletter, 
Quilt Journalist Tells All.

 Meg shared this quilt she's made for her granddaughter.

Guild Business
Board Nominations

At today's June meeting, Marie Cloutier (not present at the meeting) was nominated and seconded for the role of President to serve a 2-year term.

At our previous month's May meeting:
Hayden Lees was nominated and seconded for the role of Vice President to serve a 1-year term; and
Sue Erdreich was nominated and seconded for Secretary to serve a 2-year term.

Board Elections
39 Guild members were present and voted in the Board Elections and the results are as follows:

President - Term: 2017/2019
Marie Cloutier - Yes: 37 / No: 1 / Abstention: 1

Vice President - Term: 2017/2018
Hayden Lees - Yes: 38 / No: 0 / Abstention: 1

Secretary - Term: 2017/2019
Sue Erdreich - Yes: 38 / No: 0 / Abstention: 1

The new Guild Board for 2017/2018 is, therefore:
President: Marie Cloutier
Vice President: Hayden Lees
Treasurer: Greer McPhaden
Secretary: Sue Erdreich

and the Membership Chair is Caroline Pomietlarz Yamasaki.

L-R Caroline, Sue, Hayden, Greer

Marie (not in attendance)

Outgoing Board Members
Signature thank you blocks were gifted to the following Board Members who have completed their terms of office:
Brian Beardslee - Secretary for 3 years
Cynthia Clarke - President for 2 years


Signature thank you and goodbye blocks were presented to Chris Dodsley who has stepped down from her role as Vice President after one year as she is leaving the Guild, having been a member for 5-1/2 years. 


The Guild thanked Chris for all her hard work in bringing the Guild's social media sites and practices up-to-date. Chris is moving to Boca Raton, Florida and we'll continue following her adventures via her made by ChrissieD blog 😊😉.  

Treasurer's Report
Greer M would like to move forward into the next Guild year without using cheques and strongly encourages ALL members to make all future payments to the Guild by debit or credit card using our Square device.

For full transparency, Greer M explained the now rectified McMuffingate/Audiblegate situations.


Ladore Summer Retreat: 9-11 June 2017
Lisa M will be sending an updated email to all attendees in the next couple of days, in the run-up to the retreat.

MAD & Brooklyn Museum Exhibitions
Anne D notified members of two current local exhibitions worth visiting:

MAD - Counter Culture through to 20 August 2017
Brooklyn Museum - Georgia O'Keeffe Living Modern through to 23 July 2017

In Memorium
Cynthia C announced to members that sadly Guild member Audrey Johnson has passed away after battling cancer.  A condolence card was available at the meeting for members to sign.

Manchester Quilting Bee
Chris D told of the #ManchesterQuiltingBee who are making quilts for those affected by the Manchester, England bombings in May.  Full details are pinned to the top of the Manchester Quilting Bee Facebook page and anyone wishing to contribute a hexie block can forward them to Chris for her to take over to Britain on 16 June 2017.

Maria G's Blackboard Quilt

It was agreed at our April meeting that further discussion would take place this month on techniques for quilting Maria G's block lotto Graffiti quilt made using the Rectangles of Love Block Lotto blocks which she won back in February 2016.   Maria has created a black 'hole in the wall' section that she'd like filled with graffiti quilting and has asked for the thoughts of the guild.  Back in April, member ideas included allowing a long arm quilter to be creative in the 'hole' or having #nycmetromod members each embroider something on this section, preferably before the quilt is sandwiched.  Maria would like the finished quilt to be raffled off for members.  There was confusion at today's meeting about this item and it was not discussed to any conclusion.

Coat of Arms
 Having held the Coat of Arms for April and May, Cynthia C handed it over for the summer to Greer M, who will be taking it on a Midwest road trip.  You can read more adventures of our Coat of Arms by clicking this link.


Round Robins/Ugly Quilts
Ugly Quilt #1

Ugly Quilt #1 was raffled among members. 154 tickets were sold - $2/ticket or 3 tickets/$5 and $251 was raised for the Guild.

The winning number #64 was drawn using an internet based Random Number Generator and the lucky winner was Cynthia C.

The following members were identified as having contributed to the overall quilt:  Karen H; Bee F; Cynthia C; Andrea M - the photo round; Rachael D - quilting and pom-pom binding.  If members can provide further information about the making of the quilt please let Sue E know via our Social Media email account.

Ugly Quilt #2
No update - currently held by Karen H, who is making a back for it.

Jessica's EPP Round Robin
No update - the EPP Round Robin devised, designed and progressed by ex-Guild member Jessica Alexandrakis, is currently held by Ivete T.

Round Robin #1 
No update - currently held by Deborah B who will be passing it to Earamichia B for a final addition/quilting/binding as required.

Round Robin #2 
Jean R passed Round Robin #2 on to Bee F.  Addendum - at the Ladore Retreat, Bee F passed Round Robin #2 on to Jennifer B for its next addition.

Round Robin #3
Eva LB shared her additions to Round Robin #3 and passed it over to Diana C for the next round.

Round Robin #4
No update - currently held by Maria G.

Round Robin QAYG
No update - currently held by Caroline P.

Block Lotto
This month's Block Lotto was a 4-piece Economy Block.

The winning ticket was drawn by Guest Speaker, Meg Cox

and the lucky winner was Sue Erdreich.

A Block Lotto Block for our October meeting hasn't been announced yet. 
You can click through here for an explanation of how to play Block Lotto.

Summer Challenge 2017
Margaret explained the 'rules' for the Summer Challenge 2017 and the full instructions for a 16" square 'finished' quilt are available here on the blog.

Name Badges
Some members involved in the latest name badge swap handed over completed name badges to their recipients.

Scrap Bag Swap
There were many quart size Ziploc bags entered into the Scrap Bag Swap.  Ellen F called for surnames L-S to have the first pick of the bags and followed by everyone else. Three bags remained, as some members had donated but didn't wish to take scrap bags home with them.  These extra bags were added to the door prize raffle.

Door Prize Raffle
More fabulous door prizes were donated to our meeting today: 

Victoria Findlay Wolfe @VFW Quilts - FQ pack of her new Green & Red Xmas line
Anita Grossman Solomon @Make It Simpler - Mary Fons fabric collection and charm squares
Emily Klainberg - 2 packs of Essex Linen donated from her twin sister Barbara's stash
Jean Ruvel - Mary Fons book
Timeless Treasures / Hayden Lees - Dear Stella bundles
Ellen Yamaguchi - Moda quilt top kit tin

The winning tickets were drawn by Bee F.

Thanks, as always, to our wonderful donors 😍

Charity Quilts

Above we're showing off more of our Kid's Quilts - we met our target of 11 Kid's Blocks quilts and Theresa M will be delivering the quilts personally to Heartshare St Vincent's Services. 

Also above left is a bound quilt from the Winter 2016 Challenge - Robert Kaufman Batik
Log Cabin with a Twist (block instructions here).

 Garden Strips Blocks
No update - these blocks are currently held by Lisa V.

Our Next Charity Project - Strip Piecing Diagonal
Christine E shared a sample block for our next charity project which is a Strip Piecing diagonal block.  Full instructions are available here.

Show + Tell
Nellie W

Maria G
matched the fabric pattern for her Dingbats Quilt whole cloth backing using this 7 Fast + Easy Steps To Pattern Match Fabric Seams photo tute on Chris D's made by ChrissieD blog.

Maria will also have her embroidery machine with her at the Ladore Retreat if attendees want to use it.

Margaret C

Hayden L

Jacqui CH

Maureen W


Kelly A
Visitor Kelly - author of Hexagons, Diamonds, Triangles, and More

Anita GS
showcasing blocks from The Fussy Cut Sampler book.

Lisa M
Lisa shared a panel she wove on a recent Mother's Day trip to Loop of the Loom on the Upper East Side - read more about her weaving day here.

Rachael D

Brian B

Andrea HM

Andrea D introducing Hazel D - #gothamquiltsbaby

See You All In October 🌽👻🎃
Please be aware: our October meeting is always business heavy.  We don't recommend bringing along guests as it's not the most interesting meeting for them to attend during our Guild year.

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