Sunday, December 4, 2016

December Meeting 2016 - Photo Review

Charity Quilts
Lady Quilt
Maria G took the Petals Quilt home with her for binding.

Gent's Block Quilt
Jody S volunteered to quilt the Man Block Quilt finished top.

Kid's Quilts
Lots of Kid's Blocks were donated at the meeting and Theresa M will piece them together into several Kid's Quilts.  If you want to make more Kid's Blocks, here's the link to the instructions.


Robert Kaufman Batik Charity Challenge
Eva LB showed us a couple of examples for the Robert Kaufman Batik Charity Challenge.  Eva has posted block instructions here, the design was suggested by Rossanna W. Anyone not at the meeting today who wants to join in, email Eva and she'll mail the fabric to you - blocks will be collected at the February meeting.

Garden Strips Blocks
The Garden Strips blocks are coming along nicely - they'll be attending the Mariandale Retreat with us in January if you want to help to make them.  Block instructions are here so you can join in at home!

Winter Mini-Quilt Challenge
Remember our Winter Mini-Quilt Challenge?  You can read the instructions here.  Today we popped all the mini-quilts in a swag bag and everyone who'd made a quilt got to blind pick a mini-quilt to take home.

No-one picked their own quilt, which was good as we didn't have a contingency plan,


and only one couple did a direct swap with each other  - Jean R and Chris D.

Special thanks to Margaret C for suggesting the swap, which was a big success.  Definitely, something to repeat again.

Coat of Arms
Maureen W has 'entertained' our Coat of Arms for November taking it along to the NYC Marathon and also to a performance of "School of Rock" at West Potomac High School in VA.

She's embellished it with a detachable hood, making it suitable for all weather conditions, keeping the wearer both warm and dry.


And where will the Coat of Arms be for December and January?  It's spending the holiday season at home with Jody S.

You can read more adventures of our Coat of Arms by clicking this link.

Fat Quarter Holiday Swap
Hopefully, everyone got something they can add to their stash in the FQ Holiday Swap.


Show + Tell
Chris D

Lisa M

Cynthia C

Nellie W 

Margaret C

Maria G

Naomi M

Diana C

Bernadette F

 Tina M

We love it when a visitor to our Guild joins in with Show + Tell.  Kyle A shared his project with us but those pot holders wouldn't stay still to have their picture taken!

Maureen W

Jean R

Rachael D

Eva LB

Happy Holidays everyone

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  1. What a wonderful meeting! Thank you, Chris for a great recap! I LOVED the mini swap and I hope we do it again. Happy holidays, everyone! These meetings bring me so much joy. :)