Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cherrywood Challenge

NYC Mod Guild Feb Challenge

This was definitely a challenge. Trying to arrange my fabrics from light-to-dark seemed tough, given that to me, they all seem like darks. I took a photo of them in black and white, and yep, all the same tone. But I did my best. And I loved working with them! This fabric was almost like suede, unlike anything I've sewed before, a really pleasant fabric to pet work with.


  1. My Cherrywood block is very dark, too, but I love the subtle change in value. The suede-like finish seems to call for softness.

  2. You are lucky you got such luscious colors! Wait til you see mine...all shades of tan...but from dark to light, of course!

  3. I know, these colors are lovely, so rich. But I'm really looking forward to seeing the range we each got, and how they'll all go together!


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