Sunday, February 5, 2017

Our February Meeting 2017

Vendor - Usha Berlin of Handloom Batik
I slipped up and didn't take any photos today of Usha or of her fabulous fabric so I'm sharing two photos I took of her when she visited us in February 2016.  The good news is she'll be back to visit us again in February 2018 - can we wait till then?!!!  If you can't you can contact her at Handloom Batik.

Speaker - Jeff Hermes on Intellectual Property 
Jeff is Deputy Director of the Media Law Resource Center, a trade organisation for media lawyers with 22 year's experience in First Amendment law, specialising in media rights and intellectual property.

 How much info did Jeff share with us?!!!  Hopefully, we all now know exactly what we can and can't do with selvedges, fabrics, patterns, books, ideas, inspiration and when viewing other people's work and teaching classes - brilliantly informative, thanks, Jeff 😊

Ladore Summer Retreat: 9-11 June 2017
Lisa gave us application forms for our Ladore Summer Retreat, Ladore Conference Center, Waymart, PA.  Single $275/Double $175, non-refundable $50 deposit and balance by 30 April.  If you missed the meeting, drop Lisa an email to have her send you the form.

Treasurer's Report
Here's Greer M, giving us some pretty great news in her regular Treasurer's Report.

Jody S announced that there some places available in the Lucky 13 Bee - email Jody if you'd like to join the Bee.

As the Bees are coming to the end of their rotations and a couple of our Hives have closed, previous Bee members should return completed blocks to the appropriate Queen/King Bee.  If you can't make your blocks please return the package of fabrics instead of the block.  
You can read more about our Bees and Bee Etiquette here.

Board Nominations
Time to start thinking about Board nominations for the positions of President and Secretary.  Nominations will be announced at our May meeting and elections will be held at our June meeting.

The Quilt + Sewing Fest of NJ, Somerset, 2-5 March 2017
If you'd like to show a quilt at the NJ Quilt Show complete the Google document that has been emailed to all members by end of day on Sunday, 5 February.  If you've questions about the show please phone or text Cynthia C.

Summer Paint Chip Mini-Quilt Challenge
February was the deadline for bringing in the Summer Paint Chip Challenge Mini-Quilts?  You can read the instructions here.  The quilts that were brought in look great together.

Coat of Arms
Jody S has had the Coat of Arms at home with her throughout the December and January.  She wore the coat at a Town Board meeting and reported that the public was impressed and gained a sense of confidence in their councilwoman and later the Coat of Arms makes a final trip to Villanova v UVA basketball game @Wells Fargo Center, PA.


You'll remember Maureen W added a detachable hood to the coat back in November - well Jody S has added the perfect embellishment to the hood - a pink lacy trim, a real touch of class 😉

She's embellished it with a detachable hood, making it suitable for all weather conditions, keeping the wearer both warm and dry.
You can read more adventures of our Coat of Arms by clicking this link.

Ugly Quilt #1
One of our ugly quilts is complete - Rachael D has added a fabulous shocking pink pom-pom along the finished edge.

Block Lotto
The 10" black + white Block Lotto blocks looked fab, who wouldn't want to win them - and the lucky winner was Ellen F.  

Margaret C has posted details of the March meeting Block Lotto on the blog - here are the instructions for the Scrap Buster Block

Door Prizes
We had some fabulous door prizes donated to our meeting today:

Charity Quilts
Eva LB gave us a Community/Charity Committee project report.

Military Family Day Quilt
Eva told us about this new quilt project that we are working on.  Gotham Quilts are opening up their studio on Saturday, 11 February from 6 pm - 10 pm so we can have a Piecing Party to get work started on the quilt.  If you are available to help, we'd love you to head over and join in - click here to RSVP to Caroline.

Teen Boy's Block Quilt
Naomi M made this quilt from the tin of fabric donated to us by Moda at the Quilters Take Manhattan event.

Gent's Block Quilt
Jody S had quilted the Man Block Quilt finished top and Christine E took it home to bind.

Kid's Quilts
More Kid's Blocks were donated at the meeting and Theresa M explained that we're looking to make 10 Kid's Quilts for Heartshare St Vincent's Services.  If you want to make more Kid's Blocks, here's the link to the instructions.  Theresa shared a finished quilt so we could see the size we're making.


Robert Kaufman Batik Charity Challenge
There was a great response to the Robert Kaufman Batik Charity Challenge and here's the pile of completed blocks brought along to the meeting.

Garden Strips Blocks
More Garden Strips blocks.  Block instructions are here if you fancy making some!

Show + Tell
Lisa M

Brian B

Susan S

Chris D

Tina M

Christine E

Hayden L

Greer M

Margaret C

Maria G

Rossanna W

Paula F

Karen H 

Maureen W 


and we had 3 visitors today who shared quilts - we love it when that happens - 

Jacqui CH 


Grace J

See You All In March ❄❅❆
Hopefully, the heating at Hartley House will be working by then so we don't need to wear our coats - thank goodness we had one or two quilts with us to help us keep warm!!!


  1. awesome show and tell! thanks for sharing for those of us who are a bit too far away to attend your meetings.

  2. Thank you all for being so welcoming! I look forward to seeing what you are all up to next month. From your newest (?) member Marni


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